Sunday, January 4, 2015

Link Building Query Generator

Link Building Query Generator

Enter information about your brand, your competitors and your market and this tool will generate link building queries that are likely to uncover good link opportunities.

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For Example

1- intitle:Gazco Studio 1, past day
2- Gazco Studio 1, this month
3- URL:Gazco Studio 1, past day
4- URL:
5- Site:
6- Gazco Studio 1, this month
7- Gazco Studio 1, Anytime
8- Gazco Studio 1, Past Hour
9- Gazco Studio 1, Past 24 hours
10- Gazco Studio 1, Past Week
11- Gazco Studio 1, Past Month
12- Gazco Studio 1, Past Year
13- "Keyword" then Press Enter


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