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Avoid 5 Common Web Design Mistakes that Hurt SEO

web design mistakes hurt seoYour website isn’t getting as many visitors as you think it should! Or maybe you’ve got lots of traffic but you’re still not selling anything!
Even if your site looks great, you may be running up against one of these common web design mistakes that hurt SEO.
And it doesn’t matter whether you hired a kid to build a cheap website or you spent a fortune on professional web design. Most web designers just aren’t qualified to practice high level search engine optimization.
Read on to learn these top web design mistakes and how to avoid and fix them.

#1 Poor Choice of Keywords

You’ve got to have the right words in the right places for effective SEO. So start by finding the right words.
There are several free tools like the Google AdWords Keyword Tool and UberSuggest that will help you zero in on the best keywords to use on your website.
Once you’ve identified the right words, use our Perfect SEO cheat sheet to make sure you put those Right Words in the Right Places.

#2 Incorrect Use of Heading Tags

On your pages, there should be html code called heading tags that indicate what is the main headline, what is the second most important headline and so on. They’re indicated like this:
html headling examples
Sometimes we call them H tags or Hx tags.
When you put something inside these H tags, you’re saying “This is what my page is about!”
This can be great for SEO because the search engines really try to understand the meaning of your content. They want you to show up when your content is relevant to a searcher’s query. Proper use of heading tags can really improve your relevancy score with Google.
Unfortunately, these tags are misused by many web designers. Common misuse includes:
  • Putting the logo or company name inside an h1 tag.
  • Using multiple h1 tags (never use more than 1 on a page)
  • Putting too much text inside an Hx tag. They’re for headlines, not for sentences or paragraphs.
  • Using Hx tags for stylings text a certain font, size or color. Never use Hx tags for any text outside the main body content of a page.
All these mistakes make it harder for the search engines to understand what your page is about. That hurts SEO.
Want to learn more about the reasons behind this? Search on poor semantic markup. That’s the fancy term for using heading tags the wrong way.

#3 Page Speed

Ask a web designer or developer to shave a second off the time it takes your page to load and you may get comments like:
We need all those high quality graphics to accurately portray our brand’s image.
or People like to see those animations on web pages.
or It’ll take too long to re-code how our page loads.
or They don’t mind waiting a few more seconds because our site is so awesome.
or (my favorite) Everybody’s got broadband.
Wrong answers.
Page load speed is more important than ever. 1st, Google has officially said that it’s a ranking factor. Second, Google has been pushing the idea of “great user experience” alot and one of the top factors they list is page speed.
Speeding up websites is important — not just to site owners, but to all Internet users. Faster sites create happy users… – Google
The guys who run the Walmart website made an awesome presentation on how speed impacts the bottom line. They documented their efforts to reduce the load speed of their website pages and how a faster website had a double whammy: improved conversion rates and a decreased bounce rate. Here are my favorite parts:
(There was a) sharp decline in conversion rate as average load speed time increases from 1 to 4 seconds – Walmart
Bounce rate strongly correlates to page speed – Walmart
walmart page load speed conversion case study results

#4 Poor URL and File Names

I see so many websites that miss this easy SEO opportunity.
Pages and images that are named something like don’t give any clue what they’re about. On the other hand, I bet you can tell what this page is about:
Name your files something descriptive and Google will give you a little boost.

#5 Web Redesign that Ignores SEO & Existing Rankings

Time and time again, I’ve heard this story:
We were getting lots of business from the web but it all disappeared after we redesigned our website.
Before you let somebody touch your website, make sure they understand why you’re doing well. If they don’t understand, they may eliminate the reasons why your website is performing. If your old website is getting traffic that you don’t want to lose, consider hiring an SEO expert to consult on your project instead of trusting a web designer that doesn’t understand the difference between your PageRank and your page’s rank.
At minimum, make sure they know which pages on your website have incoming, external links and use 301 redirects to point your old pages to the corresponding new pages.

Bonus Tip: Domain Registered in Web Designer’s Name

Everything that your web design company does for you should be listed in your name, not theirs.
Face it, relationships end, sometimes badly. When you need to leave your web designer for somebody else, you don’t want to have to fight for control of your domain name. I’ve had the experience of dealing with several clients that had lost control of their domains to previous web partners. It’s not fun to have to change your email, your biz cards, stationery and sign just because the old guys are being jerks. Stop what you’re doing now and make sure your domain is registered in your name. Having to change your website is the ultimate way to hurt SEO.
Same goes for who controls your Google Analytics account. Make sure it’s setup under a Google account that you company owns. Your historical analytics data is extremely valuable. Without it, you just can’t do effective ongoing SEO. Make sure your analytics data belongs to you permanently.
What Now?
To avoid these common web design mistakes that hurt SEO, share this article with your web design partner and have a discussion about how you can improve your total web presence.

SEO Strategies

SEO Strategies:
Guest Blog Posts:

Case Studies

Crawl Optimization - Improve SEO Efforts

Crawl optimization should be a priority for any large site looking to improve their SEO efforts. By tracking, monitoring and focusing Googlebot you can gain an advantage over your competition.
Crawl Budget
Ceiling Cat
It’s important to cover the basics before discussing crawl optimization. Crawl budget is the time or number of pages Google allocates to crawl a site. How does Google determine your crawl budget? The best description comes from an Eric Enge interview of Matt Cutts.
The best way to think about it is that the number of pages that we crawl is roughly proportional to your PageRank. So if you have a lot of incoming links on your root page, we’ll definitely crawl that. Then your root page may link to other pages, and those will get PageRank and we’ll crawl those as well. As you get deeper and deeper in your site, however, PageRank tends to decline.
Another way to think about it is that the low PageRank pages on your site are competing against a much larger pool of pages with the same or higher PageRank. There are a large number of pages on the web that have very little or close to zero PageRank. The pages that get linked to a lot tend to get discovered and crawled quite quickly. The lower PageRank pages are likely to be crawled not quite as often.
In other words, your crawl budget is determined by authority. This should not come as a shock. But that was pre-Caffeine. Have things changed since?
What is Caffeine? In this case it’s not the stimulant in your latte. But it is a stimulant of sorts. In June of 2010, Google rebuilt the way they indexed content. They called this change ‘Caffeine’ and it had a profound impact on the speed in which Google could crawl and index pages. The biggest change, as I see it, was incremental indexing.
Our old index had several layers, some of which were refreshed at a faster rate than others; the main layer would update every couple of weeks. To refresh a layer of the old index, we would analyze the entire web, which meant there was a significant delay between when we found a page and made it available to you.
With Caffeine, we analyze the web in small portions and update our search index on a continuous basis, globally. As we find new pages, or new information on existing pages, we can add these straight to the index. That means you can find fresher information than ever before—no matter when or where it was published.
Essentially, Caffeine removed the bottleneck for getting pages indexed. The system they built to do this is aptly named Percolator.
We have built Percolator, a system for incrementally processing updates to a large data set, and deployed it to create the Google web search index. By replacing a batch-based indexing system with an indexing system based on incremental processing using Percolator, we process the same number of documents per day, while reducing the average age of documents in Google search results by 50%.
The speed in which Google can crawl is now matched by the speed of indexation. So did crawl budgets increase as a result? Some did, but not as much as you might suspect. And here’s where it gets interesting.
Googlebot seems willing to crawl more pages post-Caffeine but it’s often crawling the same pages (the important pages) with greater frequency. This makes a bit of sense if you think about Matt’s statement along with the average age of documents benchmark. Pages deemed to have more authority are given crawl priority.
Google is looking to ensure the most important pages remain the ‘freshest’ in the index.
Time Since Last Crawl
Googlebot's Google Calendar
What I’ve observed over the last few years is that pages that haven’t been crawled recently are given less authority in the index. To be more blunt, if a page hasn’t been crawled recently, it won’t rank well.
Last year I got a call from a client about a downward trend in their traffic. Using advanced segments it was easy to see that there was something wrong with their product page traffic.
Looking around the site I found that, unbeknownst to me, they’d implemented pagination on their category results pages. Instead of all the products being on one page, they were spread out across a number of paginated pages.
Products that were on the first page of results seemed to be doing fine but those on subsequent pages were not. I started to look at the cache date on product pages and found that those that weren’t crawled (I’m using cache date as a proxy for crawl date) in the last 7 days were suffering.
Undo! Undo! Undo!
That’s right, I told them to go back to unpaginated results. What happened?
You guessed it. Traffic returned.
Since then I’ve had success with depagination. The trick here is to think about it in terms of progressive enhancement and ‘mobile’ user experiences.
The rise of smartphones and tablets has made click based pagination a bit of an anachronism. Revealing more results by scrolling (or swiping) is an established convention and might well become the dominant one in the near future.
Can you load all the results in the background and reveal them only when users scroll to them without crushing your load time? It’s not always easy and sometimes there are tradeoffs but it’s a discussion worth having with your team.
Because there’s no better way to get those deep pages crawled by having links to all of them on that first page of results.
Was I crazy to think that the time since last crawl could be a factor in ranking? It turns out I wasn’t alone. Adam Audette (a smart guy) mentioned he’d seen something like this when I ran into him at SMX West. Then at SMX Advanced I wound up talking with Mitul Gandhi, who had been tracking this in more detail at seoClarity.
seoClarity graph
Mitul and his team were able to determine that content not crawled within ~14 days receives materially less traffic. Not only that, but getting those same pages crawled more frequently produced an increase in traffic. (Think about that for a minute.)
At first, Google clearly crawls using PageRank as a proxy. But over time it feels like they’re assigning a self-referring CrawlRank to pages. Essentially, if a page hasn’t been crawled within a certain time period then it receives less authority. Let’s revisit Matt’s description of crawl budget again.
Another way to think about it is that the low PageRank pages on your site are competing against a much larger pool of pages with the same or higher PageRank. There are a large number of pages on the web that have very little or close to zero PageRank.
The pages that aren’t crawled as often are pages with little to no PageRank. CrawlRank is the difference in this very large pool of pages.
You win if you get your low PageRank pages crawled more frequently than the competition.
Now what CrawlRank is really saying is that document age is a material ranking factor for pages with little to no PageRank. I’m still not entirely convinced this is what is happening, but I’m seeing success using this philosophy.
Internal Links
One might argue that what we’re really talking about is internal link structure and density. And I’d agree with you!
Not only should your internal link structure support the most important pages of your site, it should make it easy for Google to get to any page on your site in a minimum of clicks.
One of the easier ways to determine which pages are deemed most important (based on your internal link structure) is by looking at the Internal Links report in Google Webmaster Tools.
Google Webmaster Tools Internal Links
Do the pages at the top reflect the most important pages on your site? If not, you might have a problem.
I have a client whose blog was receiving 35% of Google’s crawl each day. (More on how I know this later on.) This is a blog with 400 posts amid a total content corpus of 2 million+ URLs. Googlebot would crawl blog content 50,000+ times a day! This wasn’t where we wanted Googlebot spending its time.
The problem? They had menu links to the blog and each blog category on nearly all pages of the site. When I went to the Internal Links report in Google Webmaster Tools you know which pages were at the top? Yup. The blog and the blog categories.
So, we got rid of those links. Not only did it change the internal link density but it changed the frequency with which Googlebot crawls the blog. That’s crawl optimization in action.
Flat Architecture
Flat Architecture
Remember the advice to create a flat site architecture. Many ran out and got rid of subfolders thinking that if the URL didn’t have subfolders then the architecture was flat. Um … not so much.
These folks destroyed the ability for easy analysis, potentially removed valuable data in assessing that site, and did nothing to address the underlying issue of getting Google to pages faster.
How many clicks from the home page is each piece of content. That’s what was, and remains, important. It doesn’t matter if the URL is if it takes Googlebot (and users) 8 clicks to get there.
Is that mega-menu on every single page really doing you any favors? Once you get someone to a leaf level page you want them to see similar leaf level pages. Related product or content links are the lifeblood of any good internal link structure and are, sadly, frequently overlooked.
Depagination is one way to flatten your architecture but a simple HTML sitemap, or specific A-Z sitemaps can often be very effective hacks.
Flat architecture shortens the distance between authoritative pages and all other pages, which increases the chances of low PageRank pages getting crawled on a frequent basis.
Tracking Googlebot
“A million dollars isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? A billion dollars.”
Okay, Sean Parker probably didn’t say that in real life but it’s an apt analogy for the difference in knowing how many pages Googlebot crawled versus where Googlebot is crawling, how often and with what result.
The Crawl Stats graph in Google Webmaster Tools only shows you how many pages are crawled per day.
Google Webmaster Tools Crawl Stats
For nearly five years I’ve worked with clients to build their own Googlebot crawl reports.
Googlebot Crawl Reporting That's Cool
That’s cool.
And it doesn’t always have to look pretty to be cool.
Googlebot Crawl Report by Page Type and Status
Here I can tell there’s a problem with this specific page type. More than 50% of the crawl on that page type if producing a 410. That’s probably not a good use of crawl budget.
All of this is done by parsing or ‘grepping‘ log files (a line by line history of visits to the site) looking for Googlebot. Here’s a secret. It’s not that hard, particularly if you’re even half-way decent with Regular Expressions.
I won’t go into details (this post is long enough as it is) but you can check out posts by Ian Lurie and Craig Bradford for more on how to grep log files.
In the end I’m interested in looking at the crawl by page type and response code.
Googlebot Crawl Report Charts
You determine page type using RegEx. That sounds mysterious but all you’re doing is bucketing page types based on pattern matching.
I want to know where Googlebot is spending time on my site. As Mike King said, Googlebot is always your last persona. So tracking Googlebot is just another form of user experience monitoring. (Referencing it like this might help you get this project prioritized.)
You can also drop the crawl data into a database so you can query things like time since last crawl, total crawl versus unique crawl or crawls per page. Of course you could also give seoClarity a try since they’ve got a lot of this stuff right out of the box.
If you’re not tracking Googlebot then you’re missing out on the first part of the SEO process.
You Are What Googlebot Eats
Cookie Monster Fruit
What you begin to understand is that you’re assessed based on what Googlebot crawls. So if they’re crawling a whole bunch of parameter based, duplicative URLs or you’ve left the email-a-friend link open to be crawled on every single product, you’re giving Googlebot a bunch of empty calories.
It’s not that Google will penalize you, it’s the opportunity cost for dirty architecture based on a finite crawl budget.
The crawl spent on junk could have been spent crawling low PageRank pages instead. So managing your URL Parameters and using robots.txt wisely can make a big difference.
Many large sites will also have robust external link graphs. I can leverage those external links, rely less on internal link density to rank well, and can focus my internal link structure to ensure low PageRank pages get crawled more frequently.
There’s no patent right or wrong answer. Every site will be different. But experimenting with your internal link strategies and measuring the results is what separates the great from the good.
Crawl Optimization Checklist
Here’s a quick crawl optimization checklist to get you started.
Track and Monitor Googlebot
I don’t care how you do it but you need this type of visibility to make any inroads into crawl optimization. Information is power. Learn to grep, perfect your RegEx. Be a collaborative partner with your technical team to turn this into an automated daily process.
Manage URL Parameters
Yes, it’s confusing. You will probably make some mistakes. But that shouldn’t stop you from using this feature and changing Googlebot’s diet.
Use Robots.txt Wisely
Stop feeding Googlebot empty calories. Use robots.txt to keep Googlebot focused and remember to make use of pattern matching.
Don’t Forget HTML Sitemap(s)
Seriously. I know human users might not be using these, but Googlebot is a different type of user with slightly different needs.
Optimize Your Internal Link Structure
Whether you try depagination to flatten your architecture, re-evaluate navigation menus, or play around with crosslink modules, find ways to optimize your internal link structure to get those low PageRank pages crawled more frequently.

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30 Websites to Skyrocket Your Productivity

While searching for websites to increase my productivity, I wanted to shoot for the ones that could improve the lives of others. I thought I’d return to a few websites that would help anyone on a daily basis whether they want to apply it towards their business or personal life.
Despite the hundreds of free websites that exist on the internet, it’s difficult locating the ones that can actually make a difference in your life. From new websites explaining how to market up to others about developing your own websites, it’s hard to find a trustworthy platform you can invest your time in. You have hopes and a determination to find a site that can transform your skills, but at times feel like you’re searching for a needle in a haystack.
One of the things that held me back from pursuing what I wanted was questioning where I could learn a specific set of skills to run michaelgregoryii. I was afraid if I took marketing advice from someone who barely had any experience, I would end up on the same boat as them. I was terrified of learning professional website designs from the average schmuck who barely knew html. And such as me, there’s people who face this fear. This brings up the next question: What are the best websites to skyrocket your productivity?
To start the list off, a website that helps me whenever I need a question answered whether it’s about relationships, life lessons, or general awareness, simply ask a question and someone will be bound to answer it. What differentiate this website from Yahoo Answers is the fact most of the people giving answers aren’t teenagers or people giving their own personal opinions. A majority of your answers are given by people who actually know what they’re talking about. And if you don’t have any questions on the top of your head, you can search for other people questions that were answered by leading experts in anything you can think of.
When I was searching for inspiration and motivation, an efficient source were the TED talks I listened to for hours. Whether you’re on your computer or listening to a Podcast, TED opens your mind up to a new world. There’s a variety of people that explains any motivational subject you can think of that can help you rediscover life. With over a hundred videos to choose from, all TED talks provide you with a powerful message that can inspire you in ways you never knew before.
Coding has taken an important role in the world and even knowing the basics to HTML and Java could make a major difference in your life. With dozens of easy step-by-step tutorials on display, it’ll only take a matter of hours before you gain a better understanding of it. What makes this website such an effective productive tool is that once you have a keen concept to coding, it makes developing websites so much easier.
While we’re on the subject of academies, I wanted bring up Khanacademy as the best way to continue your education for free. This website provides you with the chance to dig into dozens of educational sources such as science, music, math, and history. If you’re interested in a subject but want to get a basic understanding of it before taking a college course, this website can help you with that. Even if you’re bored decide to learn something new, ten minutes on this website will skyrocket your knowledge.
If there was a super power that Bill Gates and Warren Buffet could have, it would be the ability to be the world’s fastest readers. But not too many people have the ability to read 1000 words a minute and actually retain that information. The next best thing you can do is gradually improve your reading speed and comprehension. This website provides you with a software that increases your ability to read faster and actually remember it. And why would you want to read faster? The same reason you want faster internet.
An old study tool I used to practice in school was writing on flashcards. Maybe you did the same thing and if you want to level up your study platform, this website is an efficient platform. With the use of flashcards, you can customize them into whatever you want whether it has text, video, audio, and images in them. Anki helps make things easier to remember whether you’re studying for future exams or personal reasons.
I’m not sure about you, but understanding the way the financial market functions can send many question marks over my head. Thankfully, this website has the right resources and tutorials to help you understand money and how to use it correctly. You’ll find ways to have your money work for you and what’s going on in the stock market. For anyone interested in business and the world of money, this is a great place to begin. If you’re looking for ways to invest, tutorials on basic accounting, or even simulators, this website can make you a mastermind of this field. 
Perhaps this website is more of a personal opinion than a widespread, but Nerdfitness still acts as one of the best websites to master your health. You’ll find the best resources to get you off that couch and into the gym in an entertaining fashion. You can also become part of a wide community of people seeking to lose weight and gain the body they desire. It doesn’t take being a jock or someone over six feet tall to be in perfect shape. Everything you need to know in the right nerdy flavor is available for you here.
If you’re into Rosetta-Stone but don’t have the insane amount of cash to treat yourself to it, this website is the perfect place for you. Choose from languages such as Spanish, French, Italian, German, and much more to begin your path to become bilingual. Did I mention it had a killer app you can download too? You don’t need to pay for expensive products when this website can give you the same results in only a matter of months. (Because let’s be honest. You’re not going to actually learn Spanish within a few weeks.)
Suck as socializing and want a general awareness on how to approach people? Have no fear! Nicknotas can make you into an irresistible gentlemen who’s comfortable under your own skin. There might be a wide range of how-to dating websites in the web, but this one actually provides resources on how to approach different situations. Follow this guy’s advice and you’ll be bound to find a partner.
Searching for some random e-book for entertainment or curiosity? Glutenberg is an online library that provides over 46,000 free books you can have. (Good luck fitting them all onto your phone or tablet.) Choose from a variety of categories such as technology, music, history, education, and even fiction. This world is yours to use and learn from.
Look out people! There’s a hot resource of education you can bring into your life and it’s known as Coursera. Rather than spending time watching some random sitcom you’ve already seen before, this website provides the world’s best education to advance your mind. With over 1,000 FREE courses to choose from in whatever field you can imagine, you can learn something new you never knew before. Sometimes I just like to learn about random things I know my friends have no clue about. (It makes me seem smarter than I actually am.)
Besides having a blast at hitting that little yellow button that sends you another article, Stumbleupon is a discovery engine that sends you web pages that relates to your general interests. Enjoy cooking and recipes? Stumbleupon brings you popular articles in those categories that might suit your desire. And if you’re not into the website, simply hit the yellow button and be ready for a new website to come your direction.
There’s nothing better than having the ability to hack your life away effortlessly. When you’re searching for a way to better your relationships, what cool things you can do with technology, or interesting facts you never knew before, this website gives it all to you. You can easily spend hours on here learning about things you never knew before and in an intriguing manner. I honestly don’t even apply all the things I learn from this website. It’s just fun to know all the crazy things I could do with just a watch, a wire, and a toaster on a bored day.
Interested in business? Heck, are you even interested in success? This website takes a strong role for entrepreneurs and leaders who are looking to grow their businesses and understand the best routes to success. From time to time, I find myself dwelling back on this site to understand how the greatest leaders of this world pushed themselves to the top of the food chain. With how-to guides and articles from top leveled CEOs, you will certainly learn the best ways to master the game of business. And to make finding products even easier for you you can use….
With this website, I might have just killed a few hours for you by mistake. Here, you can browse through a variety of DIY subjects such as creating a LEGO iphone case, creating a fantasy map even if you can’t draw, or making your own purses. This website is great for those looking for inspiration to make a product of their own and explore what people enjoy.
It took a while for this website to rub off on me, but after playing with it, there were great benefits I found intriguing. With games and tools developed by a team of neuroscientists, you can sharpen your mind by learning how to recall things and actually remember someone’s name after they introduce themselves to you. There’s more things you can do that increases you brain power, but I still can’t get over the “Never forget someone’s name” lesson.
(Warning: Before you attack me, be aware that Reddit can actually destroy your productivity if you use it the wrong way.) Besides gazing at funny images and strange videos, Reddit has become one of the leading websites in the world in regards to almost any topic you’re mildly interested in. Whether you enjoy business, video games, software development, or legos, there’s a community for it. And heck, even if there isn’t a community for it, you can easily establish one yourself and get users popping on it. The other day I accidentally went to a subreddit known as “Creepy,” where thousands of people were actively sharing some of the scariest stories ever. Just spend five minutes browsing through this website and your life will never be the same again. (Seriously…I think I’m a Reddit addict.) If you’re looking for ways to start your business, better yourself, or the best health tips to live a healthy lifestyle, this website can help you.
I was actually considering about keeping this off the list. But I’ve had a relationship with good old Wikipedia back when I was in Junior High. With nearly an endless scope of knowledge in just about anything you can imagine, I like to think of Wikipedia as the Godfather of knowledge. Sure, you might come across some shady things you’re not too certain about, but overall this is one of the best websites if you’re looking for facts and references to back it up. (Or you can use it to help write your college essays.)
Like me and my colleagues, you’re most likely going to go, “Wow” when you visit this website. With a unique algorithm that conjures up information for you, you’ll discover a bunch of tools that might serve you in one way or another. For example, in the web algorithm section, you can find detailed information about a website you entered into it. On the Food and Nutrition section, you can literally type in, “how many people does a 20 pound turkey feed” and it’ll answer it for you immediately. Not gonna lie. It’s a pretty much a website to mess around with even if you’re not using it productively. But you can’t help but learn something stupid while you’re playing on it.
A big hassle I tend to trap myself in is spending time on the computer doing the wrong thing. People recommend I step away from the computer when I’m mindlessly browsing YouTube, but it kinds of suck because I work on the computer. It’ll be like being kicked out of the kitchen when I’m the Chef. What Rescuetime does is track all the things you do on the computer and shove them back into your face. That way, if you find yourself on Facebook more than your midterm paper, you’ll snap out of that procrastinating mindset and get back to work. (I normally resume back on my website to prevent those guilty feelings from bubbling up.)
The name alone should be tempting enough to see what the heck this site is about. But in case you were still wondering, Rememberthemilk helps you manage your tasks in a productive manner. Acting as a multi-platform do-to-list, it reminds you of the things that has to be done with check boxes right next to them. Never forget the milk again and come home to an angry wife or girlfriend thanks to this website or app.
After dabbling with Pinterest for some time now, this website is great if you’re into pictures that actually serve a purpose. With nearly a hundred subjects to choose from, you can find people who share wonderful content, images, and products that might just interest you. Much of it relates to art, guides, infographics, and tutorials. If you’re interested in what someone posted, simply pin it to your personal board for future use. A personal use my friend does with it is looking up recipes on her iPad while cooking a meal.
Suck at keeping your fiances under control? This automatic tracking and budgeting tool can save you a bunch of future hassles. You can end up saving a bundle of cash with this website because it provides a detailed measure to where your money is going. By gathering your financial information into one place, you receive a pretty chart to your spending pattern. And don’t worry. They’re connected to almost every US financial institution connected to the internet. In just minutes, you can begin tracking your spending habits.
I think we can all agree on the fact that free stuff is awesome. Which is what Makeuseof just for you. There, it maintains a list of the best free software for Windows, OSX, and Linux. For example, just the other day, I found several amazing free antivirus that could be quite useful in the future.
Need a great file converter when yearning to change a pdf document? Zamzar allows you to convert many different images, documents, audio and video formats. The next time you’re looking for something to make into an PDF file this is your target. I’m usually in need for it whenever my audio program doesn’t like my song format.
Being a loyal Cracked follower for years, this is one of the best websites to learn something new in an entertaining and funny manner. Ranging from articles, videos, and infographics, cracked has some of the best content you’ll find on the web. For example, one of its most popular articles are, 6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You A Better Person. Highly recommend you reading that if you’re looking for something life changing.
Sometimes all it takes for anyone to launch a great idea is a strong group of supporters backing them up. After all, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates had strong support along their journey. Kickstarter serves as a website where anyone can post details of a project and solicit the necessary money to make it come true. And hey, if enough people fund you for it, you might end up inventing something that can change the world. Or at least entertain it.
Prevent yourself from wasting time on those procrastinating websites. (You know the ones.) This acts as a Chrome/browser app that limits the amount of time you spend on unproductive websites. (i.e. Facebook and Youtube.) Choose from the amount of minutes you give yourself on certain websites before it kicks you out. This is great for those who need an external control towards their bad habits.
Something that’s troubling is having over 30 tabs opened up and struggling to determine which one to stick with. Not only does it make your browser looks messy, it slows down your computer. Whenever I find an article I’m mildly interested in, my first task is to open it up in another tab to look at it later. But to prevent those nasty habits, Pocket stores information, images, and links for later on use. Use it to bookmark those random sites and search through them later.