Monday, July 30, 2018

What is the successful SEO strategy for increase traffic?

How can we increase web traffic with different strategies
Nowadays, having a website is basic if you have a company and want to have an online presence . The website is just a channel to reach your customers and where you can receive visits and requests.
You must consider your website as your physical establishment, but virtually. To generate visits on the web , you need many sources and actions external to the page itself that will be the sources of input to your page .
The questions you will ask yourself now are: How can I get more visits to my website ? What are the main channels?
Main sources of traffic with which to get more visits to your website
In this article we want to offer useful information about the main web traffic channels and how to get more views on the web . Next, we offer a list of traffic sources:
Direct traffic, according to Google Analytics interprets is the one that arrives at your website because the user has typed the url of your web page in the browser.
However, within this traffic channel, Google incorporates all those visits that have not been to give another channel or specific medium, so it becomes a mess drawer
The markers of the browsers are another source of visits for your interesting website and a direct route. If you are interested in deepening what Google Analytics considers direct traffic, I leave this link to an interesting article .
Organic search:
Surely you've heard about search engine positioning . These are techniques that make it easier for users to find your website and visit it. Customers can reach you from any search engine, be it Google, Yahoo, Bing or even YouTube. To me particularly, it is the traffic that I like the most because of the profitability that it brings to the business in the long term and because of the creativity that must be contributed to apply all SEO strategies.
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Social networks:
Another way to access visits to a website is, precisely, that of social networks .
Currently, social networks are very important because they are part of different digital marketing strategies that have different objectives.
In this section I am not referring to the use of advertising in social networks, because we will explain it in the next point, but what is certain is that if you are going to invest in advertising in any network, it will also be convenient to have a correct management of the contents in said social network. The use of one or several social networks combined with information about your website will be an important source of visits to your page.
The social networks that you can use in this strategy will depend a lot on your business and the behavior of your buyer , but some of them are Facebook, Twitter , LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Google +.
Payment ads on social networks:
In addition to the publications that can be carried out on social networks to bring traffic to the web ,
it is also possible that these publications are paid . In this way, the social network itself applies some segmentation criteria that you set yourself to get your ad or publication to a greater number of users based on what you have invested in advertising. These are ads from:
  • Facebook Ads,
  • Twitter Ads,
  • LinkedIn
  • or YouTube Ads.
Obviously, sending emails can be another way of getting information from your website to your potential customers. Usually, companies have mechanisms to be in constant contact with users. This is the case of the Newsletter or the signature of the emails, which usually include contact information, and the URL of the website.
Through affiliate marketing strategies , it is possible to publish content (text, banner, ...) which includes links that will allow visits to our page. In this type of strategy, what we do is pay a commission established for each sale we get thanks to these visits (there are also other remuneration formulas based on traffic without forcing the sale to be achieved).
Referential channel:
Having links on the Internet that point to your website can give you a significant number of visits as well as SEO improvements thanks to the authority they will provide you.
There are several ways to carry out a strategy based on capturing links, such as:
  1. Sponsored Posts : through the sponsored posts, you get others to publish articles that talk about you or about your product or service and that will include a link to your website. This will help you attract visitors and increase the authority of the web. I usually use platforms such as Coobis , Unancor and others to carry out these strategies with the web projects of my clients.
  2. Reports : the publication of reports about your company or about you in any digital medium is a good way to let you know and know your products and your website.
  3. Link Building : there are many and very different strategies for the attainment of links and thus achieve that there are many websites that include links to your page, increasing the likelihood that they will bring visitors (in addition to authority).
  4. Link Baiting : this technique (included in the article I just mentioned) allows you to attract the attention of your target audience by publishing quality content that is so interesting to users that they want to share it . In this way, you get links to your website, but for freeand without making an aggressive link building strategy.
  5. Forums : online forums have existed since the origins of the Internet. A great advantage they have is that they allow you to publish information about your activities and generate more visits.
  6. Guest Blogging : in many cases, you can get a blog related to your activity to publish an article of interest prepared by you where youtalk about your services. This type of strategy works very well, but you need a good contact to be invited to publish .
  7. Comments on Blogs : Through the publication of comments on third-party blogs you can also manage to let you know by leaving a link in the profile or in the text of the comment. It's another way to get free links to your page.
Search engine advertising:
As social networks allow you to publish paid ads , in the case of search engines there is also the option to publish sponsored ads that come first in the search results. This is called the SEM strategy .Both Google Adwords and Bing ads or Yahoo for publishers can get this type of advertising. It is one of our specialties since we are SEM agency certified in Google Adwords for the specialties of both Search Network and Display.
Another option for visits to your website is the development of display campaigns. These campaigns consist of banners that you can publish on web pages to advertise . When talking about Display, many people think directly about Google, because Google Adwords has a huge network of webs that we can use to show our ads.
This is the Display network and the Doubleclick Ad Exchange.However, the display advertising is in itself, an online advertising format in which, our advertisement (usually a banner but it could also be text, image, audio, and even video) is displayed on a website outside our .
It can be shown in the text of an article in the sidebar or in the header of the web. Usually, these campaigns are paid per click (CPC or CPM) and are usually an important source of visits. Some means for these campaigns are Google Display, Criteo, AdRoll or ADPV.
Different display advertising options
  • Google Adwords Display
  • Criteo
  • AdRoll
  • ADPV
  • Contacting directly with the media and reaching a direct agreement to show your content on your website
Every day more, the use of influencers is a strategy to increase the volume of users who receive information from your website, as well as (of course) the prestige. In fact, it is one of the most fashionable strategies. Influencers can talk about your website both through social networks and through blogs .
Online media:
Using online advertising in the media is a very common way of generating visits to your website, but within the media, you can use the strategy of dissemination of press releases to get these media publish your brand's content , in some cases publishing a link and in other cases without linking, but both cases getting brand notoriety and finally having more visits to your website.
As you can see, there are many options when it comes to increasing visits and traffic to your website.